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The Rascals are a indie rock band from the Wirral; England consisting of Miles Kane (vocals, guitar), Joe Edwards (bass) and Greg Mighall (drums).
-"You know that feeling when you're 14 and you first get into tunes?" asks Joe, highlighting the band’s infectious enthusiasm. “Well we have that same feeling now. We're just really excited with music.” -"We really have been waiting to be in this band since we got into music," adds Greg. "We just couldn't be in any other band now.”

Before the Rascals, Miles, Joe, and Greg was members of “The Little Flames” a indie rock band .” It was during their time supporting Arctic Monkeys, inspired by their maverick DIY spirit and refusal to compromise, the three youngest Flames decided it was time to trust their hearts and their instincts and go it alone.”

-"The 'Flames was a boss band, it was a great opportunity and we learnt loads,"says Miles,"but the time was right to move on. When you've got it, you have to do it or else you'll explode. The thing with the 'Flames was getting thinner and The Rascals was getting bigger. It just got to the point where we couldn't not do it. It just felt right"

In September, 2006 they began jamming and writing new material as a three piece and there was born The Rascals.
All the songs of the album Rascalize are created by them, the songs are played by all the members:

-"It's a good taster for people, it’s a bit unique to us,” explains Miles. “It feels like a song that could only be created by us, not one else is writing songs like that. It’s a big filthy tune, so it was a good choice for the first proper single.”

-We’ve put everything into this band and into our album. For The Rascals there’s no other way of making music.”
says Miles

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